Survey Summary: The Financial State of Public Parks & Recreation - A National View

Posted by Matt David on Mar 15, 2022

The Financial State of Public Parks & Recreation – A National View survey was distributed to hundreds of park and recreation professionals from across the United States in January 2022 with the survey closed on February 23rd.

Our team distributed this survey with the following in mind. We were interested in…

  • Beginning outreach efforts to advocate for financial responsibility in parks and recreation and a way do this was to get these kinds of questions front and center in the minds of professionals.
  • Taking the temperature of organizations as it relates to their financial conditions and realities.
  • Sharing the results of this type of survey with park and recreation professionals from across the country.

A few assumptions were made as we developed and prepared to distribute the survey.

  • Those responding to the questions would have the context and knowledge necessary to answer questions about capital budget, reserve funds, and also whether or not their organizations account for both direct and indirect costs (expenses).
  • In addition, the questions regarding maintenance backlog would require that organizations would have completed a conditions assessment of their assets in order to determine what qualifies as deferred maintenance.

While this survey resulted in a return rate of less than one percent, we will continue to distribute these types of questionnaires moving forward as we believe there is not a more important issue to the public park and recreation industry today than financial sustainability.

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Remember, those of us who have and/or continue to serve communities through the provision of park and recreation services are privileged to be stewards of taxpayer dollars. Spending and investing on their behalf is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly.

Thank you for your commitment to this end.

Jamie Sabbach Founder, President & Principal Consultant