An Altruistic Vision - Smarts and Courage Lead the Way

Nearly 10 years later, many public park and recreation agencies are still feeling the effects of the Great Recession. While other sectors have experienced significant growth during the years following the recession, many public park and recreation agencies were not as fortunate, and recovery for these agencies has been, and continues to be, slow.

In an effort to assist park and recreation leaders to innovatively manage today's conditions, the Altruism Institute held in Boulder, Colorado, is where you will find some of the most distinguished public park and recreation professionals from across the U.S. They are invited every two years to discuss trends and issues facing the field while identifying ways to be socially, fiscally, and environmentally responsible through smart and courageous leadership, planning, and decision-making. This article provides a summary of the discussions and outcomes of the most recent Altruism Institute.

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