Standing the Heat - The Courage to Say What Needs to Be Said and Do What Needs to Be Done.

Those who exhibit real leadership act knowing that there is an opportunity for reformation and ultimately, revolutionary change. And these same people know that if they choose to sit on the sidelines, progress will not be made nor will conditions improve.

Over my 30-year career as a government employee and consultant, the critical need to challenge convention, ask tough questions, have difficult conversations, and not always tell people what they want to hear is what I have found to be the essence of leadership.

The frequently expressed concern that our country is experiencing a crisis in leadership suggests that people are looking to those who anoint themselves as “leaders” for answers. The prevailing idea of leadership, then, is critically important to understand, especially because the kind of leadership we praise, the types of leadership methods we teach, and the leadership under which we operate influences the realities we live with today and the future we will live with tomorrow.

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