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Our educational content, training activities and programs address important industry issues and deliver insights that can easily be translated into action. We offer learning experiences that will contribute to your organization's success by helping you open up to new skills and knowledge that have the potential to create positive change in your community. We love working with individuals or groups who are focused on continuous improvement and willing to think outside the box to achieve their long-term goals.

Virtual Master Classes

Join us online for the 2022 Financial Sustainability Series to learn the methods, strategies and tools you need to position your organization for resilience and prosperity.

Choose between three levels of programs that include 4 classes/program of 105 minutes/class. These classes are supported by Indiana University's School of Public Health Executive Development Program at Bloomington.

Master Class I – Cost Recovery Fundamentals

This is an introduction to the critical elements of creating a cost recovery philosophy and strategy for any park and recreation organization. It provides useful tools and methods so that professionals can get to work now and commit to being financially responsible. This Master Class will strengthen decision making as it relates to how tax dollars are spent, how services are priced, and how to address impending political challenges that guide many to focus on special interests rather than the common good.

Master Class II - The Intersection of Money & Ethics

This second program is designed to address complex issues including the pressing need to practice financial discipline and acknowledge the responsibility park and recreation professionals have as stewards of taxpayer dollars. This Master Class addresses the inherent conflicts that can arise between ethics and our spending choices.

Master Class III – Parks & Reconomics©

This advanced program focuses on a deep dive into economic principles and how they align with and influence the operations and service delivery of parks and recreation organizations. This Master Class will improve financial literacy competencies, strengthen confidence, and the ability to influence policy makers, advisory boards, and others.

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“This program was excellent! I would have taken a week long class if it had been offered. I learned so much and can’t wait to begin implementing my takeaways. Thank you!”

Molly Elder

City of Loveland (CO) Parks & Recreation

The Altruism Institute is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Parks and Recreation professionals. Built around the themes of social and fiscal responsibility, the intensive week-long program challenges invite-only attendees to think differently about important issues and innovations as they relate to and impact the public parks and recreation space. It is one of the best training programs available for industry professionals and continues to be a life-changing experience for all who take part in the event.

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