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Farrell Buller on Peace Through Programming: Lessons from Pickleball a - an Amilia On Demand Webinar

Note: This is a republished post from Amilia's On Demand Webinar Series.

In recent years the emergence of pickleball has left Parks and Rec departments wondering how best to balance competing wants of different community groups. When does something move from a fad to a trend? How do you listen openly to all opinions? How should P&R departments allocate finite resources? Join Farrell Buller and Sam Hitman for a one-hour verbal rally that serves up all the lessons there are to be learned from this grand slam clash.

  • How to reach your community

  • How to listen to groups of stakeholders with conflicting wants

  • Balancing existing needs with new groups

  • How to move programming forward with your community

Get the recording by heading over to Amilia's website today!

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