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Why professional development matters

Professional development matters. It enhances competency and ensures that knowledge and skills remain relevant. And relevance has never been more important than it is today. Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever before, change happens daily and staying current is required.

While experience is a great teacher, it often means that we tend to continue what we have done in the past if we do not expose ourselves to the latest information and insights. Professional development opens us up to new possibilities.

Master Classes in Cost Recovery

Finally, a Master Class in Cost Recovery is available. One that removes the uncertainties around cost recovery. One that addresses the critical elements of creating a cost recovery philosophy. One that provides useful tools and methods so that organizations can get to work and begin creating a system that is financially stable. And one that will help professionals rationalize how tax dollars are spent, how services are priced, and how to address impending political challenges that guide many to focus on special interests rather than the common good.

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“This program was excellent! I would have taken a week long class if it had been offered. I learned so much and can’t wait to begin implementing my takeaways. Thank you!”

Molly Elder

City of Loveland (CO) Parks & Recreation

The Park & Recreation Prosperity Project – Virtual Huddle Series

The Parks & Recreation Prosperity Project is a bold call to action in tangible terms – it bridges interest in an improved tomorrow with a pledge and commitment to act. This pledge includes beginning or continuing to have difficult conversations so that what needs to be said is said and to challenge conventional thinking in response to today’s realities so that things change for the better. It is about charting a course for a promising future rather than continuing to kick the can down the proverbial road.

Becoming part of the Parks & Recreation Prosperity Project Community joins you with a network of fellow professionals dedicated to a movement.

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