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Since 2010, we've worked with hundreds of park and recreation organizations across North America! We work alongside organizations by helping them ask and answer the hard questions and find solutions to ensure the long-term health and vitality of their systems.

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Financial Sustainability 

Among the biggest challenges public parks and recreation faces are managing historic community expectations that tax dollars foot the bill for all parks and recreation services. The uncharted territory in which many professionals now find themselves includes the reality that taxpayer dollars be directed mostly to services that provide for the greatest common good.

A thoughtful and well-designed Financial Sustainability Strategy helps park and recreation organizations operate from a foundation built upon sound management principles. It enables professionals to be more diligent about the decisions they make and clearly understand how taxpayer dollars are being spent. It encourages the pursuit of opportunities for revenue growth that will help strengthen systems for the long term. Today, the long-held notion that certain services can continue to be subsidized because they always have been, is being challenged – and rightly so. This is our collective call to action.

The Financial Sustainability Strategy empowers organizations to use data and information to make informed decisions. Whether done as a standalone project or with a Planning Initiative, our unique process combines sound financial management principles with our one-of-a-kind cost of service process to help organizations clearly understand how their taxpayer resources are being allocated.

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Planning Initiatives

Imagining the future on behalf of others is a privilege – and along with that privilege comes the responsibility to ensure what is created is sustainable.  Thinking about what the citizens of 2022 may want or need is important but understanding that the citizens of 2050 will be left to take care of it is critical to how a plan is designed and what it includes.

Our custom tailored Planning Initiatives blend visioning what an organization/community can become with the strategy of creating a responsible and sustainable future. We strive to leverage our experience and networks to provide your organization with an optimized and practical Master or Strategic Plan.

When we find an opportunity to strategically partner with another company to enhance the process and deliverables for an organization, we'll pursue a collaborative effort on a Planning Initiative.

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Education, Presentations & Trainings

Our educational content, expert presentations, and training programs effectively address important industry issues around the three key areas of ethics, leadership and financial sustainability. By delivering effective and engaging content which provides tangible and impactful results, we carefully design programs around your specific needs so that the experience is impactful and memorable.

Each year we present educational presentations at several state, regional, and national conferences. In addition, we regularly facilitate trainings for individual organizations and elected bodies based on their unique needs and realities - everything from teambuilding exercises to department-wide planning and visioning. 

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