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Cost Recovery

The Smart Approach to Cost Recovery

Adopting sound cost recovery and financial management principles are key to the long-term success and vitality of your organization. Our cost recovery approach will empower your staff to practice responsible decision-making and also encourage optimization and community impact. We guide you in the creation of a fiscally healthy organization by helping you prioritize services that take into consideration both your community's needs and your financial resource reality.

Virtual Express Cohort - 12 weeks from beginning to completion

Today’s economic and public health crises have prompted the urgency for many organizations to adopt the Smart Approach to Cost Recovery. These new realities have presented a limited window of time to complete this critical work along with the added constraint of entirely virtual efforts. In order to meet these challenges, The Smart Approach – Virtual Express Cohort process was created.

The Virtual Express Cohort process involves multiple agencies within the same geographic region in this collegial yet individualized effort. Agencies are guided through a prescribed mix of collective cohort education sessions as well as specialized consulting designed in response to each individual organization based upon its conditions and realities.

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Comprehensive Process - Policy development & performance measures

We partner with you over a 6-9-month period to build an action plan that is tailor-made for your organization. We have facilitated successful cost recovery projects with many agencies in both the United States and Canada, treating each individual journey with an open-mind and attention to detail. We also design each financial management plan with your organization’s and community’s realities top of mind.

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“I’ve been hiding from numbers my entire career as my strength is taking care of people! After the Staff Workshop yesterday, you’ve got my attention… I think you make it easy for people like me to get interested in cost recovery without having a strong background on that. Looking forward to my next opportunity to participate and learn more from you and your team.”

Paula Foscarini

Town of Erie

“The Smart Approach to Cost Recovery has given us a lot of insights to prepare us for moving forward. It gives us the ability to tell our story and the ability to establish a philosophy. I think it gives us a very good starting point, especially in these uncertain times.”

Penn State Aug 28, 2020