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Cost Recovery

Choosing Cost Recovery & Financial Sustainability

A sound financial management and cost recovery philosophy is a cornerstone of any successful Parks and Recreation agency. Our diverse cost recovery processes promote agility and smart resource allocation, empowering you and your staff to make informed decisions and communicate them effectively to community members. By demystifying your expenses and creating actionable goals targeting the total recovery of costs, your organization will be in a position to thrive for years to come.

Cost Recovery Mission

During a Cost Recovery Mission, you'll partner with one of our consultants over a 6-12 month period to build a program and action plan that's tailor-made for your organization. We have facilitated successful cost recovery projects with many agencies in both the United States and Canada, treating every client's journey with open-mindedness and attention to detail. We also design each financial management plan with your organization’s strengths and challenges in mind. Our commitment is to help you cut out expense-related chaos and set your organization up for long-term financial sustainability.

Cost Recovery SMART Approach

The Cost Recovery SMART Approach takes the Cost Recovery Mission and expands it into a more collective and collaborative process. Over the course of a 24-month-long period, you’ll work with Parks & Recreation leaders from neighboring communities in an intimate group of no more than 5 people and have the opportunity to learn from one another, form partnerships and even build an ecosystem of resources. Throughout this communal journey, you'll establish a financial management philosophy that adheres to your organization’s needs.

The 2-Day Cost Recovery Program

Our 2-Day Cost Recovery program packs the educational content of our Cost Recovery Mission and SMART Approach processes into an intensive 48-hour experience. This option is ideal for individuals who are looking for an entry point into the the cost recovery mindset. You'll be able to take the insights gleaned from these sessions and apply them to your organization's unique long-term plan, however you'll be doing so without the added guidance of our team of Parks and Recreation consultants. Take the first step towards financial sustainability by choosing the cost recovery process that's right for you.

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“110% transformed our park district and positioned us to become a proactive, business-minded and strategic agency. Jamie Sabbach did an amazing job leading and facilitating high-level discussions with our board and staff to develop dynamic service categories and a Cost of Service model that is specific to our community. Jamie’s approach is progressive and demonstrates how the public park and recreation industry should refocus in the present and future.”

Ron Salski Executive Director

Lake Bluff Park District, Lake Bluff, Illinois