Building a prosperous Park & Recreation organization starts today.

Join the thousands of park and recreation professionals who are choosing to be smart with taxpayer dollars and financially disciplined for the sake of the legacy they will leave for future generations.

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Cost Recovery

Take Control of your Organization’s Financial Future – The Smart Approach to Cost Recovery

Learn how to use your data and information to make smart decisions. We provide you with the tools and resources you need to effectively position your organization to be financially healthy and resilient. We also help you connect with professionals who are a part of the Smart Approach Tribe and have actively worked to be financially responsible and disciplined so that their organizations will stand strong through any crisis and uncertainty.

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Education & Training

Education & Training - Strengthening professional competencies

We are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of park and recreation systems different across North America and sharing what we learn with all who will listen. Our commitment to providing thought leadership on a variety of important topics that emphasize responsibility, innovation, and smart management is a priority. We love working with individuals and groups who focus on continuous improvement and are willing to think unconventionally and act with courage.

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