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Strategic Planning

Agility, sustainability and smart resource allocation

Through strategic planning and adaptive leadership, your organization can pursue its vision and purpose with confidence amid shifting economic circumstances. Through our personalized strategic planning process, we will help you craft an executable plan with the tools you need to evolve and grow alongside your community. The bold goals set around your values and mission will be strong, actionable foundations for an organizational culture that emphasizes strategic thinking and sound management practices.

Impact your community with Strategic Thinking

We have facilitated strategic plans for many organizations across North America. What makes us different from other Parks and Recreation consultants is our commitment to treating each process as its own unique entity. Every project we undertake focuses on the singular qualities that make each organization great and how they can use those to best serve their community. By analyzing your current conditions and taking all your challenges into consideration, we’ll guide you towards long-term sustainability.

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Detailed analysis and bold execution

Our customized strategic planning processes point towards the future of Parks and Recreation. We're focused on creating plans that are ambitious but still realistic, providing you with a roadmap for continued financial and management success. Different sections of a strategic planning process include:

  • Analyzing your current conditions;
  • Identify unique issues and opportunities within your community;
  • Establish your organization's purpose and values; and
  • Develop and implement a structured plan to help you reach your goals.

“110% did an incredible job of bringing our staff, community, and leadership together in completing our 5-year Strategic Plan. The amount of hands-on, interactive time spent with our team was instrumental in making the plan unique to our community, to who we are as an organization, and to what we do […] I am confident that this process and the resulting plan we call our “Footsteps for the Future” will lead us towards continued success!”

Marc Heirshberg CPRE, Director

Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Department, Mesa, Arizona